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Three albatross chick shaped knit hats in a row

Albatross Chick Hats for Sale

When I first made TrossHat it hadn’t occurred to me that other people would be interested in having one as well, but I’ve had a number of requests…

Laysan albatross chick Kaloakulua sits in her nest with both webbed feet up at her belly.

TrossHat’s Origins

Minature needle-felted albatross chick

Miniature Needle-Felted Albatross Chicks

The 2016 KauaŹ»i Albatross Cam season has come to and end, but I’m still finding ways to keep albatross in my life. I’m fine-tuning prints of a recently-completed…

miniature felted albatross chick on green background by

Needle Felting

Besides painting and drawing, I’m also very interested in textile crafts, including spinning and knitting. Recently I’ve begun experimenting with needle felting as well. It was obvious that…