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pink hydrangea watercolor

Rooster, Sunflower and Pink Hydrangea

Thanks to a new scanner I’ve finally been able to scan some recent work. The hydrangea blossom above was the most recently finished. Also included are this rooster…

leaf watercolor painting by Elizabeth Smith of

Autumn Leaf

I took a few photos as I worked on a small leaf painting yesterday. I wish I’d taken more! Here they are as a (very) short video. Enjoy!

Wheat painting: detail

Work in Progress: Final Wheat Painting

Work In Progress: Wheat Two

I continue to work on the wheat watercolor painting. You can see that I’ve gotten more work done to the bottom of the painting than the top. That’s…

Work in Progress: Wheat

My primary project right now is a commissioned watercolor painting of a single head of wheat at about ten times life size. The entire painting is about thirty…

Muscat Grapes: Work in Progress Images and Final

Because I’m going to have artwork on display at Isenhower Cellars’ Woodinville tasting room in June and July I thought it would be appropriate and fun to work…

Work In Progress: The Hydrangea is Done

The hydrangea is finished, scanned and even up on FAA where you can see a higher resolution image.

ACEO: More Cherries

This was really fun to paint! If I don’t go to the grocery store for some fresh produce you’re going to be seeing a lot of these colorful…

An Introduction to ACEOs

ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. They are essentially art trading cards. Measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches (either horizontal or vertically oriented), they fit in standard…

Work In Progress: Hydrangea

I promised some artwork, and here it is. I’ve taken snapshots as I’ve worked, so although the lighting conditions are inconsistent you can still see the flower developing….