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A scratchboard drawing of Towan, orangutan from Woodland Park Zoo, resting under a burlap sack. By Elizabeth Smith of


It’s taken far longer than I ever intended, but my scratchboard portrait of Towan is finished. Towan was one of Woodland Park Zoo’s beloved orangutans. He passed away…

Towan: Work in Progress Video

In honor of International Orangutan Day, here is a short video of the Towan scratchboard in progress. I do most of my scratchboard work with an X-Acto 16…

A Great Blue Heron, the Moon and Towan

It’s been far too long since I posted anything here! It was a busy albatross cam season followed by recovery from albatross cam season. I’m starting to get…

pink hydrangea watercolor

Rooster, Sunflower and Pink Hydrangea

Thanks to a new scanner I’ve finally been able to scan some recent work. The hydrangea blossom above was the most recently finished. Also included are this rooster…

Mini Dry Brush Demo

While working on my sunflower painting today I tried making a short (phone camera) video of the dry brush painting technique. It’s not much of a video, but…

The progress so far: apple in watercolor on vellum. E. R. Smith,

Watercolor on Vellum: a Workshop with Carol Woodin

leaf watercolor painting by Elizabeth Smith of

Autumn Leaf

I took a few photos as I worked on a small leaf painting yesterday. I wish I’d taken more! Here they are as a (very) short video. Enjoy!

scratchboard rooster by

Scratchboard Rooster

I’m having fun with inks and clayboard! Yesterday’s project was this rooster with a serious expression and an amazing hairdo. This piece and others will be available for…

scratchboard, ink, saw-whet owl,

Scratchboard Demo: Northern Saw-whet Owl

After all the work I’ve been doing on the albatross and wheat artwork I felt a need to do something loose and relatively carefree. I turned to clayboard…

Wheat painting: detail

Work in Progress: Final Wheat Painting