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Albatross Art

Update 7/15: I underestimated the demand for KK prints. The first run ran out in just two days! Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve ordered…

Work In Progress: Wheat Two

I continue to work on the wheat watercolor painting. You can see that I’ve gotten more work done to the bottom of the painting than the top. That’s…

Work in Progress: Wheat

My primary project right now is a commissioned watercolor painting of a single head of wheat at about ten times life size. The entire painting is about thirty…

Muscat Grapes: Work in Progress Images and Final

Because I’m going to have artwork on display at Isenhower Cellars’ Woodinville tasting room in June and July I thought it would be appropriate and fun to work…

Work In Progress: The Hydrangea is Done

The hydrangea is finished, scanned and even up on FAA where you can see a higher resolution image.

Work In Progress: Hydrangea

I promised some artwork, and here it is. I’ve taken snapshots as I’ve worked, so although the lighting conditions are inconsistent you can still see the flower developing….

Pen and Ink

I realized today that I’ve been wrapped up in everything but sharing what I’m up to. Besides getting pieces ready for the upcoming Zookeeper Auction, I’m taking a…

Work In Progress: Scratchboard Jaguar Cub Final

Here he is! I’m looking forward to donating a framed reproduction of this to the Zookeeper’s Auction later this fall.

Work In Progress: Scratchboard Jaguar Cub (Two)

I keep scratching away at this. One of these days it’ll be done.

Work In Progress: Scratchboard Jaguar Cub (One)

This is one of my current projects, a jaguar cub on scratchboard. I’m working from a photo I took at the zoo of Kuwan, an adorable male cub….