Update 7/15:

I underestimated the demand for KK prints. The first run ran out in just two days! Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve ordered more from the printer and hope to have the listing up on Etsy again later today. This is not a limited edition print, so everyone who wants to purchase a copy will get one eventually, even if I have to go back to the printer over and over again. I’m delighted that there’s so much interest and it’s certainly great for the Cornell Lab!

Update 7/11:

Prints of Kaloakulua and her parent are now available through my Etsy shop. This link will take you there: KK on Etsy.


webs up by Elizabeth Smith

Very rough draft

As mentioned in a previous post, I couldn’t get enough of Kaloakulua and the other birds of Cornell’s 2014 Laysan Albatross Birdcam, and I’m celebrating the end of the breeding season with art. One piece is finished and I have a few more in mind. I’ll post updates here as additional pieces and prints become available.

Welcome and thank you to everyone who watched KK along with me!

(Pictured above is a very, very rough draft!)


Many thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Kauai Albatross Network.

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