I’m back from a week on beautiful Kauaʻi. While I was there I made it almost all the way around the island, visited the National Tropical Botanical Gardens near Poipu (including a fabulous art exhibit) and met members of the Kauaʻi Albatross Network (among many other things). Two thousand photos later I’m having a hard time deciding what to focus on. It was an incredible trip and I can hardly wait to go back!

Thank you to everyone who reached out and made this visit particularly special! Jane Goldsmith gave my husband and I an excellent tour of the gardens and Hob Osterlund and the other members of KAN gave us the chance to visit Kaloakulua’s actual nest site (in addition to giving us a peaceful afternoon experimenting with drool-worthy cheesecake, stand-up paddle-boards and a yard full of chickens).

I hope you’re ready for a wave of Hawaii-themed art!

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