I fell in love with Kaloakulua the Laysan Albatross. After she fledged I made a little piece of artwork celebrating her time at the nest. I sold prints of that artwork (and one original, Albatross Pair II). Today I gave the Cornell Lab of Ornithology all the profits from those sale: a donation of $940. This is amazing to me.

I’m not surprised that other people love KK too. She is the most loveable bird I’ve ever seen, and I never even met her in person. What is amazing to me is that so many people were excited about the artwork that I had to reorder prints from the printer three times (so far). I had no idea what kind of response I’d get when I made the prints available and I have been blown away. I love what the Cornell Bird Cam program does and it’s hugely exciting that other people connected with both the birds and my artwork and gave me this chance to support the cams.

If you love watching the bird cams and are able to donate, please do. It’s very expensive to stream HD video 24/7 and the program relies heavily on donations to keep the cams running.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a KK print and to everyone who wrote to share their delight in KK and her family. It’s been pure joy to share this adventure!


(Above: at the empty nest site with my husband, photo by Hob Osterlund.)

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