The 2016 KauaŹ»i Albatross Cam season has come to and end, but I’m still finding ways to keep albatross in my life. I’m fine-tuning prints of a recently-completed watercolor painting of Kialoa and his/her parents and I’m making fuzzy little wool albatross chicks.

A couple years ago I and some other albatross cam volunteers got to chatting about albatross stuffed animals and albatross figurines and how there just weren’t enough things like that available for the ‘tross lovers out there. I started experimenting with needle felting and the tiny wool chicks (like the one pictured above) were the result.

I’ve started making the felt chicks available through my Etsy shop (listing here), but only a few at a time. I don’t plan to limit the total number of felt chicks I create, but taking the orders at a measured rate will allow me to manage my time and other responsibilities. I plan to list a limited number of felt chicks each week, probably on Monday. i will send out a notification via Twitter (@rownsmith) when I do that. At the present each chick is priced at $20 with $7 shipping in the USA. If you would like to ship a felt chick outside the USA please contact me and I can figure it out for your specific location.

I’m not taking pre-orders at this time but will consider it if my current system leads to frustration for potential buyers. If you’ve got your eye on a felt albatross chick and need it by a specific date (for a birthday or something like that) let me know and I’ll work with you on the timing.

Needle felting in progress:



Thanks for stopping by and reading!



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