Drawing On Nature: Flora and FaunaDrawing on Nature: Flora and Fauna

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle
January 15th through April 1, 2014

presented by
The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Northwest
and The Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists

I’m very excited to present this art exhibition, opening January 15th at the State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. Four of my pieces will be included! I’ll post more information about the show as I get it. For now you can read about the show here, at the GNSI-NW website.

Edited Jan. 15th:

I got to go see the show today! It’s gorgeous! Over fifty pieces of original artwork lines two sides of a large primary walkway and is available to view whenever the building is open (5am to 12am). There is no admission fee. There are lovely brochures listing every artist and including a thumbnail image of every piece of artwork, too!

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