greater scaup by Elizabeth Smith

Probably a greater scaup.

Winter is the time for waterfowl around here. In the summer we have mallard ducks, a few gadwalls and a batch of Canada geese. This time of year the mallards and gadwalls are around, plus a few more. Yesterday I went to a park down on the lake and saw a wonderful variety of waterfowl, plus some seagulls. I don’t have the camera equipment to get great shots of birds far out on the water, but I do take some not-so-great shots to use at home to help with identification.

This is what an afternoon at the park can look like:

winter day by elizabeth smith

A winter day at the lake.

Wigeons on the beach by Elizabeth Smith

A flock of American wigeons.

bufflehead by Elizabeth Smith

A male bufflehead


waterfowl by elizabeth Smith

Common goldeneyes, greater scaups and ring-necked ducks, I think. These were all diving birds.

common merganser by elizabeth smith

A common merganser

green-winged teal by elizabeth smith

A male green-winged teal

hooded merganser by elizabeth smith

A female hooded merganser

mallard tail by elizabeth smith

Mallard tail — check out those bright orange feet!

duck pond by elizabeth smith

A ring-necked duck and a hooded merganser cruise across the pond.

barge by elizabeth smith

A barge is pushed up the lake by a tug.

ring billed bull by elizabeth smith

A ring-billed gull. There are always seagulls around!

It’s hard to stay inside painting when it’s so sunny out! Sometimes I need the sun. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at the local wildlife. Now I’ll get back to work on a watercolor painting that you’ll seen here soon.




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