Elizabeth Rowntree Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and considers herself lucky to live in such a beautiful area. She credits the glorious surroundings and her family’s enthusiasm for the outdoors for developing her love of the natural world.

Her enthusiasm for arts and crafts also developed in childhood and has stayed with her into adulthood.

Elizabeth at Snow Lake
Elizabeth resting after hiking up to Snow Lake (Snoqualmie Pass)

Recognizing the importance of art in her life, Elizabeth studied traditional and digital art and illustration at Western Washington University and furthered her education at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. Finally, she completed the University of Washington’s Natural Science Illustration Certification in June 2013, neatly combining her artistic abilities and her delight in the outdoors.

In addition to drawing and painting, Elizabeth sews, knits and felts, and performs dances of North Africa, the Middle East and Persia with Karavans Dance Troupe and troupe Khan El Khalili. When the weather cooperates she takes her camera to the zoo or local parks and adds to her rapidly growing collection of photos landscape and wildlife photography.

Elizabeth and Orangutan
Elizabeth and an orangutan contemplate each other at Woodland Park Zoo.

Elizabeth is a docent at Woodland Park Zoo and a volunteer with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdcam Program.

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