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The progress so far: apple in watercolor on vellum. E. R. Smith,

Watercolor on Vellum: a Workshop with Carol Woodin

leaf watercolor painting by Elizabeth Smith of

Autumn Leaf

I took a few photos as I worked on a small leaf painting yesterday. I wish I’d taken more! Here they are as a (very) short video. Enjoy!

kaloakulua's nest site photo by Hob Osterlund

Kaloakulua Prints: Follow-up

I fell in love with Kaloakulua the Laysan Albatross. After she fledged I made a little piece of artwork celebrating her time at the nest. I sold prints…

A Week on Kauaʻi

I’m back from a week on beautiful Kauaʻi. While I was there I made it almost all the way around the island, visited the National Tropical Botanical Gardens…

artistic genus artwork at the flying apron bakery and cafe photo by elizabeth smith of

Artistic Genus at the Flying Apron in Fremont

I and other members of Artistic Genus will have artwork on display at the Flying Apron Bakery and Cafe in Fremont from September 1 through October 15, 2014….

scratchboard rooster by

Scratchboard Rooster

I’m having fun with inks and clayboard! Yesterday’s project was this rooster with a serious expression and an amazing hairdo. This piece and others will be available for…

scratchboard, ink, saw-whet owl,

Scratchboard Demo: Northern Saw-whet Owl

After all the work I’ve been doing on the albatross and wheat artwork I felt a need to do something loose and relatively carefree. I turned to clayboard…

Wheat painting: detail

Work in Progress: Final Wheat Painting

Albatross Art

Update 7/15: I underestimated the demand for KK prints. The first run ran out in just two days! Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve ordered…

Albies by Elizabeth Smith of

The Laysan Albatross Birdcam

This has been an amazing year so far with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s live streaming birdcams. I was sucked into these cams two years ago when Cornell…