A Great Blue Heron, the Moon and Towan

It’s been far too long since I posted anything here! It was a busy albatross cam season followed by recovery from albatross cam season. I’m starting to get my balance back.

Here are a few nifty non-albatross images from the last few months.

First I’d like to share the amazing great blue heron that posed for me at the park in May. I was just about to pack up and leave when this incredible bird showed up and spread his (her?) wings. What a thrill! He showed off a drop wing pose that I like to think of as “the satellite dish.”



On to a completely different subject: the moon. I recently amused myself by trying to take a series of photos of the moon. It offers different challenges than birds. I enjoyed the change of pace!




Last but certainly not least, I’m working on a scratchboard portrait of Towan, one of Woodland Park Zoo’s resident orangutans. He has wondrous eyes. This is a detail of the portrait in progress. The finished piece will be 8 x 10 inches and will show him looking out from under a burlap blanket.

Towan of Woodland Park Zoo
Towan of Woodland Park Zoo

I hope you enjoyed this little update. Thank you for taking a look!

Heron at the Rose Garden

Great blue heron eating a goldfish
This great blue heron just caught a nice snack.

I was at the zoo for an auction related appointment yesterday. On my way out I decided to take a short stroll through the adjacent rose garden to snap a few pictures. I was trying to get a good angle on a little lily pond when I realized a great blue heron was standing on the edge just a few feet from me, partially hidden by plants. That heron hung around for about fifteen minutes circumnavigating the pool and looking for fish. It eventually snapped up this goldfish, shook out its feathers and flew off toward the zoo.

Heron walking around a lily pond
Taking a stroll

Here’s the heron strutting around the pool and giving me a very serious look.

Great blue heron poised to grab a fish from a pool
Moments before it snatched the fish

Here it is in a classic heron pose.

Great blue heron with fluffed out feathers
The heron shakes out its feathers

And here it is looking decidedly disheveled. I’m a sucker for anything fluffy (except mold) so I love that the heron took a moment to ruffle up its feathers before leaving!